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Ketamine Treatments

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Ketamine is thought to be the most important depression treatment breakthrough in decades.


Anxiety disorders are some of the most common mental health conditions worldwide, but relief is possible.


An estimated 70% of adults in the US have experienced a traumatic event, and many have developed PTSD.


An anxiety disorder that is characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive rituals to ease the anxiety.


Formerly known as manic depression, a mood disorder marked by manic and depressive episodes.

Suicidal Ideation

In severe cases of depression, a person may experience thoughts of self-harm. Relief is possible with the right treatment.


Complex regional pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder now being treated with options like ketamine infusions.

Neuropathic Pain

A chronic pain condition caused by damage to the nerves. New treatments may signal hope for relief.


Ketamine's effect on glutamate and other neurotransmitters may treat pain conditions like fibromyalgia.

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