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At Vigeo Wellness, we want to help you feel hope again and end the stigma of mental health and chronic pain treatment. Conditions like depression, PTSD, or chronic pain can make everyday life seem like a challenge – but you don’t have to do it alone.

Patient-First Treatment Options

We Get To The Root of The Problem

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As mental health becomes a more and more critical aspect of everyday life, Vigeo Wellness is rising to the challenge. We want to make these powerful treatments available to those in need.

Our staff comprises anesthesia experts who have seen firsthand the profound and transformative effects of treatments like ketamine infusions. The spa-like, tranquil clinic environment ensures our patients receive their treatment in a safe space.



Conditions We Treat

A trusted anesthetic and pain reliever used worldwide for decades, ketamine is now paving the way for a new era of treatment and relief.

A Happier, Healthier You

Micro-Nutrient Infusions

Iv vitamin infusions near fort worth tx

The body is only as strong as the nutrients and vitamins it is receiving. At Vigeo Wellness, vitamin infusions are part of a path to complete relief.

Our exclusive infusions are filled with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. They are infused straight into the bloodstream, giving your cells quick access to the nutrients needed to help you look, feel, and perform at your absolute best.

As high as 92% of the US population are not adequately hydrated or vitamin deficient. When taking vitamin supplements by mouth, you lose as much as 80% of the vitamin’s nutritional worth as it makes its way through your digestive tract. For nutrients to get to the cell and work efficiently, they must be absorbed and not digested.

Iv vitamin infusions near fort worth tx

Patient Group Meetings


We’re excited to announce our monthly patient group meeting, scheduled for the last Tuesday of every month in our clinic lobby. We invite our current patients to join us and the exceptional Holly Hollingsworth, a certified life coach, for this enlightening event. There’s no charge, making it a perfect chance not only to gain insights from Holly but also to bond with fellow ketamine patients.

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